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His first ever live chat on the Net
Exclusively at
Friday, February 11, 2000

Fri Feb 11, 2000 06:02:42 PM MUTABARUKA:

Greetings to all the online visitors, this is Mutabaruka coming to you from
IRIE FM and in Kingston Jamaica

pia2:Muta! Muta! Muta!!

MUTABARUKA: yes, what is the question, Muta Muta Muta I see,
but what is the question

rohan:big up Muta
LoLa:hi muta
The ras elijah: greetings Mutabaruka it is an honour coming from Toronto, Canada

MUTABARUKA: yeh give thanks for the big up, hi Lola

glenzil:Greetings from Australia
LoLa:Toronto in di house

MUTABARUKA: greetings to the Australian, its nice to hear from Australia, greetings to the Toronto based as well…. where in Australia are you writing from

pia2: and from NJ
nancy: greetings from California
john: Big up Muta
daniel: Isis Muta and maximum respect, everytime....

MUTABARUKA: Greetings to the person from NJ and from Ca,
maximum respect to Daniel also

Eleanor: Muta, do you have a web site?
MUTABARUKA: Yeh we have a web site, Mutabaruka where the reggae are there is information about our work and what we are intending to do

Rastaman:greetings Muta from the Nyahbingi
MUTABARUKA: greetings Nyahbingi

glenzil:Hill End, 300 k inland, Australia so far from any concept of Rasta in a back woods area

LoLa:i was listening to one of your programs on IRIE FM re: Christ
LoLa:i want you to touch on the Christ topic tonight

MUTABARUKA: Lola is a long reasoning you are trying to put me in there are a lot of people on line right now to go through a single topic, but what would you like to know about Christ

midwell:Big up Muta from NY


The Ras elijah:Some Rastas in Toronto is bunnin JAH,
Muta what do you have to say about that????

MUTABARUKA: the concept of bunning Jah is a long one, you would have to understand the concept behind it, but if you want to contact me I can give you my number in JA. the number is 9294651

melchezidek: Muta, how you feel about the fire the new DJ's a bun ?
MUTABARUKA: the fire ha'fi not the new DJ's start the fire burning,
this is something that is Rastafari from its inception

daniel: Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela from prison. Could you reflect a little on his contributions towards the liberation of S.A. from the chains of apartheid?

MUTABARUKA: It is good that we reflect on Nelson Mandela's past contribution, but that contribution has been stagnated, based on the present climate in South Africa today, we have been to South Africa and the only thing that has changed for blacks there is their movement. Blacks can go anywhere in South Africa at the moment but the economical structure still lies in the hand of the whites

Rastaman: from St. Kitts. I hail for Zambo too
Joe: Hey Muta, Joe from California and Savannah La Mar
prinja: greetings Muta Ottawa
rootsfari: greetings all

MUTABARUKA: greetings to Ottawa, greetings to Zamboo in St. Kitts

The Ras elijah: Muta I want you to answer my question about the controversy over PSALM 68 being rewritten by KING JAMES....

MUTABARUKA: well is not King James write the Psalms, King James translated it, there is no J in the Hebrew language, it is really Y, so Jah could be seen as a watered down title given to Yahweh. The idea of rejecting Jah is coming from the knowledge that there is no J in the Hebrew language, this was not known to elder Rastafarians and we believe when knowledge comes we have to accept it.

RAS elijah:but what about verse 31?
MUTABARUKA: what about verse 31

john: Muta happen between Luciano and you at Reable Salute Concert
MUTABARUKA: he was on the stage and I was off, nothing happened between us, what did you hear?

The RAS Elijah: I think more black people have to be aware that Africa is indeed dying, have you seen a topographical map of Africa lately?
MUTABARUKA: I don't give credence to Africa dying, because of topographical map of Africa, on the contrary, it would appear to me that African leaders are now coming to grips with the reality that confronts Africa in relationship to its economical, political and social solutions

rohan: yo Muta yuh tink seh Jamaica is becoming more conscious?
LoLa: what is the future of Jamaica is it looking good for years to come
MUTABARUKA: very difficult question. I think that the youths are trying to put things into perspective, but they are being hindered by a system that is not conducive to change and new ideas… more aggressive, the youths are more aggressive.

LoLa: what is your reasoning to say that Christ is not the one
MUTABARUKA: when did we have an argument about Chris not being the one?
Christ is a concept not an individual… we make the mistake
into believing that Christ is Jesus' surname… when in actual fact
the concept of Christ existed before the man the Christians call Jesus.

melchezidek: What I don't understand is how dem bun Christ, but yet still Selassie was a Christian. Can you explain that?
MUTABARUKA: we have to understand when a man seh bun Jesus Christ what he defined Jesus as… if you should close your eyes now and picture an image in your mind of this Jesus that you speak of, I will bet you that the painting of the Italian painter Michael Angelo comes to mind. This is ironical considering that Genesis 1 declare that God made man in his own image. If God makes man in his own image, why is it that when you close your eyes you do not see, the Jesus Christ as you are? The Jesus Christ as taught in the Western world is a mythological figure based on Greek and roman mythology, the things that are attributed to Jesus Christ in western Christendom, got their origin from Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology.

foodie: Muta, is there any new CD/album coming out soon.
Have see nothing since Melanin(?) man?
MUTABARUKA: yeh, well we have a CD the ultimate collection after the Melanin man, plus we did produce a compilation of some of our roots artistes, including roots, culture, big youth, diamonds, mystic revelation and Rastafari Pablo Moses. The CD is entitled Gathering of the Spirits.

nattyb:Greetings Muta
glenzil:One day I hope you can travel to Australia to give your reasonings here.
MUTABARUKA: greetings

prinja: Muta, what is biggest difference between the youth in Jamaica today and twenty yrs. ago?
MUTABARUKA: I have been to Australia already… in the city of Perth…we hope one day we will be able to come to Sydney and Melbourne

The RAS elijah: they say Africa is Greek for an object or thing Muta...
MUTABARUKA:the original name for Africa is Akebulan

jahjah:selassie seh 'im ah de powa ah de trinity but wi know seh dat de trinity is Babylonian doctoring, yu feel seh selassie know de real nature of JAH and how 'im really stay since Constantine an' dem man introduce nuff tings inna weh man a Ethiopia ah deal wid?
MUTABARUKA: the idea of the trinity comes from Egypt, the difference between the trinity of Christianity, and the trinity of Egypt is that wherein you have in Christianity God the father, God the son and the Holy Ghost…he Egyptian concept includes the woman, in other words it is father son and mother. The Christians have left out the woman and turned her into a ghost. The ankh is a symbol of life, and the ankh represents the totality of man and woman

rohan:How do you feel about us celebrating our black history one month out of the year like the Americans?
MUTABARUKA: well, if you feel to celebrate black history month one month out of a year, then we have a serious problem. My life is a total celebration of black history… but the month of February is used to reflect on the contribution that African people have made in history. We must not feel that because it is one month we are stuck in one month. It is up to us to continue our education right through the year….and I should add it is not an American thing even though it was Carter Goodson who started it. The experience of black people everywhere in the Americas need to be seen as the totality of all of us experience

LoLa:everyday I live is a celebration for blacks yeah yeh
MUTABARUKA:I agree with you Lola

LoLa: when are you coming to Toronto
MUTABARUKA: when you send for me

mitch: we hear yu a fashion designer now, Muta?


robbie: good afternoon !
: good afternoon

MUTABARUKA: the problem I have with the advertisement of Popeye, under the sign they have chicken and sea food. From I was a child I was taught the Popeye was a vegetarian, he ate only Spinach, so I think that it is not the real Popeye we are getting, it is Brutus’ baby.

vinton:What are your views on same sex couples?
North America curse right ya now because now they want to bring it into the schools as a subject .
MUTABARUKA: same sex couple is not a couple… it is two people, man and woman. I think we shouldnot be caught up in western morality. We see that morality and truth in the western culture is not constant. In an eastern culture truth never changes. We are now asked to accept the changing faces of truth when it is brought to us by decadents.

Kiriki Selassie: what do you think about reggae music and the internet, does it threaten the artists, or will we be able to use the net to our advantage?
MUTABARUKA: we can use the net for anything. it is man what put what is in the Net not the net telling us what to do.

jah T: Muta, I am now living in California and I was listening to your radio program a few weeks ago. I heard you play a tape about the birth of Christ are you sure this tape is no a propaganda ?
MUTABARUKA: Well you can examine history and decide if the tape is propaganda or not.if you read the new testament coming from a perspective of the word of God you will never question its validity. To understand and to separate myth from history you have to come with an open mind. When you are a Christian you are not allowed an open mind when it comes to intelligently analyzing the Bible.

Alizae:I would like to know y is it that u wear no shoes on your feet?
MUTABARUKA: I don't have any

jah T:Greeting Muta from California, I just want to say I really
enjoy you radio program
MUTABARUKA: give thanks

SweetBooxie: I am an emerging poet located in NJ. I was a part of a Poetry Conference at which I experienced your style of dub poetry for the first time.
I have two questions: How do you feel, wordsmiths can change life as we experience it and the world on a global plain with the power of the pen?

: the poet must not put himself in the place of a Christ a prophet or a politician. the first thing is to express your feelings and your ideas about a given situation, you should not try to write poems to change things, you should write poems to express your ideas.

nattyb:that is how I write Muta
MUTABARUKA: the thing about my ideas is that it opposes the system so it would appear that I am ndeliberately sitting to write to oppose the system but it is my ideas

melchezidek:Muta, would you agree that in JA there is apartheid, as only certain shade a people get certain benefits?
MUTABARUKA: apatheid is a very rough word to use knowing that apartheid is a system of Government, but we could draw a comparison of a black man even if he is terrible could not be a part of apartheid system but we can see residues of that system embedded in the minds of our leaders both politically and religiously

MUTABARUKA:yeah I have worn shoes, the last time I actually owned a pair of shoes was when my first child was born, she is now 25.


nattyb:Muta I start doing dub p I will be in the island in recording
I hope we can link
MUTABARUKA:well I hope you can link me.I am easy to find.

MUTABARUKA: I am living person not a model. don’t know if I can be the judge of myself

Baboo: Muta How do you feel about AIDS and it effects on Africans in general
MUTABARUKA: I think AIDS is a weapon used against African people to stagnate the progress of Africa, just as how slavery did

pia2:what do you think is the most positive thing people of Jamaica can to help themselves improve their lives?
: educate themselves, not indoctrinating themselves. I think that over the years Jamaican people was never educated they were indoctrinated. In other words they taught us what they want us to know in order to keep their system in power. They say if you want to hide something from black people put it in a book.

MUTABARUKA: you would have to ask somebody who got burnt.

jah T:Muta,,when yuh deh pon the radio yuh fi give the full phone number fi di radio station. This will give us who deh a foreign the number so we can call in too.
MUTABARUKA: OK, I was never considering that IRIE FM was on the line but now that we knowwe will do that.

MUTABARUKA: because of the perception that most of us have of Africa being a backward, bang belly, fly in the mouth, jungle looking, suffering warring continent, that it what black history is all about-to change that perception. That is why I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to visit many different African countries.

Mush: Muta what's the best Black related book you ever read?
MUTABARUKA: A book that has had influence on me was a book called Stolen Legacy. There are many more too numerous to mention here.

MUTABARUKA:I don’t think the deportees have taken over the country with crime. I think that the politicians and the preachers have taken over the country with crime.

glenzil:Which African country appealed to you most?

Alizae: Muta please give in a definition of religion in your perspective
MUTABARUKA: religion was created by insecure men to oppress women. Religion is the basis of all political ideas and it exempts the human being to find the 'I' in them. First we have to understand that the majority of the people in Jamaica is of African descent, we cannot keep shaping a political religious and economical ideas without understanding the history and culture of the people that are supposed to be governed. The Westminster system and Christianity has not offered black people any true solution to their needs. The intellectuals in the Jamaican society should now sit down and study the history and culture of the African people before slavery. There must have been a society in Africa that was keeping Africans in tact for thousands of years before the coming of the white man. The intellectuals have not analyzed or evaluated the culture of the majority of the people, what we see is a mimicking of democracy, communism and socialism, that was given to us by the Greeks and the Romans, not taking into consideration the majority of people whom those ideologies is supposed to be governing. So we need new thoughts new ideas, centers around an African-centred solution

Ashanti:What is your perspective on interracial marriage/relationships and its effect on the upliftment of African peoples
MUTABARUKA:I am not agreeing with inter-racial marriage. I see it happening
but I feel that it is not something that will advance the struggle of African people.

SweetBooxie:I learned that 90% of the slaves brought to
Jamaica during the 19th Century were stolen from Ghana
MUTABARUKA: you could say that.

jah T:Do you think that the Prime Minister should come on here the hear some of our concerns?
MUTABARUKA: he has been hearing it for years - and he still has not heard, so I don't know what he would hear or is hearing that he has not heard before.

jahjah: Muta, JAH name fe glorify among de heathen, no true. iyah?
MUTABARUKA: true, true,but I would prefer to glorify the name of Haile Selassie.

slick: what if your daughter decided to marry someone like a white person
MUTABARUKA: I can’t do nothing about that, when my daughter reaches marrying stage therefore she must be in her personal self.

mitch: what if a Zimbabwean marries a Nigerian?
MUTABARUKA: I wouldn't, Zimbabwe and Nigerian is a barrier that seems to be keeping Africans apart, we must remember that Africa was cut up in a conference called the Berlin conference. Africa is Africa so whether you are a Zimbabwean., Nigerian, Ghanaian, we are all Africans.

glenzil: Bob Marley came from a racial mix, and he certainly
advanced the black man
MUTABARUKA: so what does that mean?

MUTABARUKA: first of all from I have been a child I have heard that Jesus Christ was coming, and he hasn’t appeared yet. obviously you are not up to date with what is taking place. There is a community of Jamaicans that live in Ethiopia, there are communities of Jamaicans living in Ghana, there are a lot of Jamaicans living and working in Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa. And communities of Jamaicans even in Soweto. You only fake orgasms.

jah T: Running for public office does this ever cross you mind ?

The RAS Elijah: I believe it's not good to stay in a white man country too long, you rocked me and my family with that over here in Toronto.
MUTABARUKA: well obviously you did not rock enough - you are still there.

Mush:What can the government do to restore confidence in Jamaicans who would like to return to the Island to live?
MUTABARUKA: tell the truth and stop rob the people..

Ragga: what is your opinion on the technological progress of the human race?
MUTABARUKA: I think it is great considering what we are doing now.

melchezidek: Where can I get more info on Selassie lineage going back to King David? Cause Rev 5 says the only person worthy to release the 7 seals is the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, root of David.
: there are many books published there is an autobiography of Haile Selassie, Vol. I and II, there is the Kebra Negast this book is about the glory of the kings.

nattyb: Muta I think religion wascreated by the west to create loop holes for excuses as they do find excuse for almost every thing they lack in self discipline which is the true basis of the way of jah
MUTABARUKA: that is a point.

cam: Muta what do you think of the 'more fire' talk by some of the young Rastas
MUTABARUKA:you have to understand that whenever a popular DJ rises there is always either a dance or a slang that accompanies this popularity.

Ragga:why do all black people need to go back to Africa..will it make me any more black than I am?
MUTABARUKA: Who told you that all black people need to go back to Africa? It is about who is desirous of going. For my part I cannot give up a continent for an island.

The RAS Elijah: Muta, what happened to your mud hut?
MUTABARUKA: I was never living in a mud hut - maybe in my past life, and I don’t believe I have any past life.

Mush: Do you think Beenieman is dissing Rasta by all the things he's been saying lately or he's just saying things to sell records?
MUTABARUKA: Well Beenie Man has made money off women, Jesus, Rasta and other things I think he's a great artiste

melchezidek: Would you agree that the Israelites we see today are really Europeans who fled Hitler's reign, and that they are looking for the Ark, but disguising the search as building houses?
MUTABARUKA: the people today are not Israelites they are Israeli. They have nothing to do with the historical Israelites. What these descendants of Europe have done is to adopt Judaism as their religion, but it has nothing to do with their genealogical connection with the Israelites of the old testament

glenzil: Have you ever traveled to Papua New Guinea?

Ragga: Is life a postponement of death..or a stepping stone to greater heights?
MUTABARUKA: LOL. I think death is the end of life. I do not know about a stepping stone to greater heights, actually I have never had the experience of speaking to anyone dead to get a clearer picture of this greater heights that you speak of. when you die you die!


nancy: greetings sir, Muta do you plan on touring in the U.S. and if so do you plan on coming to California?
MUTABARUKA: well it’s a long time we haven’t been to California, but whenever we tour the States California is always a part of the itinerary.

Lady K: What do you think of all them young youths calling themselves Rasta, and not practicing what they preach
MUTABARUKA: actually I don’t think of them. I have too many things on my mind.

MUTABARUKA:I don’t understand the question - I was not crowned a king. Are you referring to wives, girlfriends, friends?

Mush: What do you think about the Morgan's Heritage track " You don't have to be dread to be Rasta"?
MUTABARUKA: I don’t think about it either. All of the family are dreads.

Larry1: Muta, mi muda ah Indian, blacka den mi fada and some ah dem say mi nah really black. What's your thought on that issue?
MUTABARUKA: I cannot define your mother for you - she will have to define who she is.

MUTABARUKA: I am not against polygamy, as a matter of fact, I think polygamy has kept the African society in tact, much more than monogamy has done for the western world and your question of wife - it is illegal in Jamaica to have more than one wife. But I must say to you - man is by nature polygamous. I think the western world has created men who have learned to lie and cheat in the name of monogamy. In Jamaica men will be married and have a 'sweetheart' this is not because he is really a bad persons but because the society does not allow him to express this part of his nature - so he lies and causes pain to his wife. We need to examine the African society and other societies that are polygamous to bring about a true picture of what relationships are supposed to be

melchezidek: What about the Ark of the Covenant? It just disappear from the Old Testament, do you think it exists, and if so where do you think it is? I've heard Axum in Ithiopia. What are your thoughts?
MUTABARUKA:we are told that the Ark is in Axum in Ethiopia we are told that it was carried there by the priests who went back to Ethiopia with Melilik the first, who was the son of the queen of Sheba who visited Solomon.

Richie:Does that mean a wife would not feel disrespected if polygamy was the normal thing?
MUTABARUKA: I think most women who I have come in contact with, have expressed that they would feel much better if their man had told them about the next women rather than they finding out from their friend. I don’t think the people in the east who practice polygamy see it as a disrespect, because most polygamous families. The first wife is the one who decides the second wife, so the first wife is not exempt from the acceptance of a next woman in the family. What we have in the western world is the first wife trying to investigate about the second woman and not getting any answers start to feel insecure and jealousy is about insecurity nothing else.

nancy: what are you thoughts of women who have more than 1 man
Jahpostle757: Jah Live bredren

jah T: Muta, it was great talking to you, hopefully I will catch you on the radio. Respek...Jah T from California.
: give thanks, Jah T

fourthgen: greetings muta! will you be in attendance at the Joe Higgs memorial on Feb. 20th in Kingston?
: No

melchezidek: Have you ever been to Rome? And did your eyes behold any "stolen Legacies" from Africa?
MUTABARUKA: yes actually I have been to Rome and I have seen some of the stolen legacy e.g. the obliques which was stolen from Ethiopia

prinja: Muta, why did you use the name "The Cutting Edge" for your show?
MUTABARUKA: that is exactly what it is - it is on the edge of ideas and thoughts.

run boy run: Muta do u like white people, I live in California 25 year u can never thrust the white man u let them in your country and they suck the blood of the people like vampire.
MUTABARUKA: LOL, actually I don’t hate people but I understand what white people have done to other people and are still doing

MUTABARUKA:I don’t know the nature of your son or the birth but there are so many books that can show you names.

MUTABARUKA: anyone that can carry me to my destination

Ragga:do u believe in life outside the planet earth?

MUTABARUKA: I think that the whole universe is life itself.

Alizae: Muta, infidelity is one of the main cause of spreading AIDS, so y is it that u do not oppose to infidelity?

MUTABARUKA: Why are you saying this? we were not talking about infidelity - we were talking about wives. Having more than one life is not infidelity - having a wife and cheating is infidelity, if you have wives and they know each other that is not infidelity. The western world promotes infidelity.

Larry1:Come now bredren, if you found out your women had a sweetheart you would be ready fi lick DAT, they feel the same way. If you are in love with a women then the mere thought of being with another women should hurt you more than her.

MUTABARUKA:I don’t think you understand what we were saying, I was saying that the western world promotes sweetheart life from any angle. In Africa and Asia polygamy is something that has existed for thousands of years and it has kept these societies in tact I am not speaking about cheating which is infidelity we are talking about wives not sweethearts your question has proven my point.

nancy: so since you never answered my question I must assume that you must believe that it is ok for a man to havea sweetheart just as long as a woman doesn't

MUTABARUKA: you are obviously mistaking a man's two wives - one to be his sweetheart…sweetheart is not wife…we are talking about wives, not sweethearts. Sweetheart is infidelity.

melchezidek:Muta, before signing off let me ask, is there any plans for an Afrocentric curriculum in JA schools? Cause when mi a grow a pure Marco Polo and Napolean dem teach we bout .
MUTABARUKA: well I am not responsible for the curriculum in schools, we try our best through the cutting edge programme to educate our listeners, especially on African history, culture and philosophy.

jahjah: when Selassie I seh 'im glory inna de Bible ah whe 'im did mean?
MUTABARUKA: that is self explanatory - it means that he loved the message in the Bible.

Jahpostle757: Has the herb question been asked already?

haddethiop: Greetings and one love to all!

run boy run: I love u man like bob I thing u are in the same class a great Jamaican they will overstand one of these days my brother they will.

MUTABARUKA: give thanks for that run boy run

jahjah: Muta, I appreciate your time and comments and wish you JAH divine love and guidance bless and keep the I.
Respect to all JAH PEOPLE everywhere.

Jahpostle757: what’s your view on the smoking of herb?
MUTABARUKA: I don't smoke anything, but I have not seen where smoking of herbs has caused any devastating effect on the social order of the Jamaican society, unlike cigarette which is the main cause of death all over the world.

MUTABARUKA: we want to say give thanks for this moment in time and we hope that those of you who spent the time with us will stay tuned to The Cutting Edge on IRIE FM every Wednesday from eleven o clock in the night. The telephone numbers if you want to communicate directly with us on the programme is
876-974-5051, 5043 and 5079

MUTABARUKA:give thanks

glenzil:Muta, thanks for this time, forward on!
Larry1: Muta you are a blessing and may your energy be eternal!
buzrock: give thanks

MUTABARUKA: give thanks

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