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The historical visit of
Tony Rebel
in Canaan Land
May 21
- June 1, 2000

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Listen to Mutabaruka discuss his journeys through Israel (June 7) Read Rasta Guil's review of Mutabaruka and Tony Rebel's visit
Listen to Muta & Tony Rebel discuss their journey through Israel (June 14)

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Listen to Mutabaruka's June 7, 2000 discussion of his and Tony Rebel's historical visit to Israel. 

Muta inna Israel
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Listen to extended reasoning about Israel, Yeshua and how Jesus Christ was fabricated from Greek and Roman Mythology

Listen to an excerpt of Mutabaruka and Tony Rebel's June 14, 2000 reasonings about their historical visit to Israel (35 min.)

Muta inna Israel

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Listen to 2 hours of extended reasonings by Mutabaruka and Tony Rebel about Mt. Zion, Dimona and the biblical and historical misconceptions.

Muta & Tony Rebel inna Israel

Full Credit & Respect to Rasta Guil (Israel) for this excellent review,
and to Tal Grubstein for making it available

The Rastafari Brethren were invited to Israel by the Africans Hebrews community in Dimona that are inspired by the deep  teachings and reasonnings of Ben Ammi.The community is a very well known movement in Israel and their
members are easily recognizable because of the beautiful African clothes they wear, their Hebraical names and their very healthy way of life.

As soon as they reached Dimona a small Israeli town situated in the Neguev Desert, they were presented with fruits of the season and vegetarian food.
A nice house was arranged for them to stay in and many excursions too:
Jerusalem, Jericho, the Dead Sea (renamed by Muta - The Life Sea),

a cruise on the Red Sea ...

Their first live appearance was a short one in Dimona Performing

Arts Center where the Community celebrated the Passover.  It was a
Talents Showcase featuring the Community talented singers and players of instruments.   The show lasted for 3 hours. When Muta came on stage
everyone in the audience was listen very intensely . When Tony came
on stage with If Yah Is By My Side the all crowd stood on their feet .
It was interesting to see during that night that many of the performing
bands and artists seems to be very inspired by Reggae music .

Then on Sunday, they reached Tel Aviv for their first rehearsal with

Israeli musicians before the show at Soweto Club, the biggest Reggae
venue in Israel (since 1985).  No rehearsal for Muta that needed no band
to deliver his poems and to speak to the people.  But a very nice rehearsal
for Tony Rebel. He appreciated the attitude of the musicians and
asked for more rehearsal on Monday morning.

Meanwhile on Sunday night, me drove Muta to the Dead Sea -
The lowest place on Earth - to carry some black mud that is well known
for its therapeutical qualities. Muta walked barefoot in the Desert by night,
no lights, and no snakes or scorpions, so common in this area, attacked us.
A Millions stars were shining in the sky and when we reached the sea after an adventurous walk we found the greatest mud, very hot and concentrated.

Monday at 22.00 pm the crowd was at the gates of the Club lining

for tickets. 450 people came to see the show: Israelis, African
Hebrews, Ethiopians and tourists. It was a beautiful mixture of
human beings that were there to celebrate in a one Unity.

Muta gave a very impressive set (45 minutes) : poems, but also
reasonings with the crowd about the Christian conspiracy, the drugs
that are spread all over to annihilate us, the concept of Jesus and the
white supremacy that everyone, black and whites suffered from it.

Then Tony Rebel was introduced. On stage we had Bass: Adrian
Djoman from Ivory Coast (15 years in Israel - Bass player for Roots
Africa) Drums : Michael Avgil (Drummer for Yossi Fine and the Ex
Centrics Sound System), Guitar : Ras Daniel (12 years in Israel, have a
cd recorded entirely at Tuff Gong Studio and produced by Clive Hunt),   Percussion: Sergio Marks (from Surinam), Percussion: Yossef Abergail, Keyboards: Hagai Mizrahi. Harmonies were given by 3 back up singers from the African Hebrews and a Sax player came also on stage during the show.
So it was a powerful back up band . Even that the rehearsals were short and
the songs new for most of the musicians it went fantastic. 2 Hours of a
very inspiring show. Tony is fabulous on stage. I have seen him performing
in Jamaica, but every time there, artists give a short show, because of
all the artists in attendance, only hits, u know how it is back in a yard.

At Soweto Club we discovered a great performer that even if it wasn't his
band backing him, demonstrate us his generosity, his Livication, his
understanding of the role of each and every musician on stage . The crowd
was ecstatic, totally happy, smiling, chanting with him, discovering one
of the greatest talents from Jamaica. The encore featured Shimria, an

energetic female singer from the Community with Get Up Stand Up,
One Love, and the whole crowd was extremely happy.

A night to be remembered. A night when Jamaicans still show us that
they are the most talented people on Earth. That Africans Hebrews are
part of this holy Land. That Israelis musicians are well inspired. That we can live as one. Unity and Strength - This is Reggae. Love - this is Reggae.
Israel, Africa, Jamaica are one. Clean Hearts and Souls - Unite !!! On Thursday night they flew back full of memories and full of Inspiration after this visit.

Next week it will be Alpha Blondy that will appear at the biggest ecological
and environmental Festival here: The Shantipi Festival ( 7,8,9,10 of June).

Yah bless each and everyone
Guidance and Protection.
Guil Rasta Bonstein.

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