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Muta In Dub

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Label: Blackheart Records #371808
Format: CD
Date: September 22, 1998
Producer: Mutabaruka

Track List

Length: 57:11


Muta In Dub brings together some of the very best reggae tracks recorded by Mutabaruka, carefully remixed by Soljie.

Track List: click on song number to hearrealaudionew.gif (1304 bytes) sample or
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1. Cryout Dub 8. Junk Dub
2. Dubbing Yu' Memory 9. Never Get Weary Dub
3. Blacks In Dub 10. The People's Dub
4. A Dub Letter To Congress 11. Dubbin On De Gravel
5. Dubbin' By Any Means 12. Dispel Dis Dub
6. Kulcha Dub Drugs 13. Dis Dub Neva Trouble U
7. Dubbin' De Drughead 14. Miss Lou Meets The Peanut Vendor

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Basil "Benbow" Creary, Desi Jones, Wilburn "Squiddly Cole


Christopher Meredith, Gibby, Michael Fletcher 


Earl "Chinna" Smith, Gibby


Franklin "Bubbler" Waul, Errol "Tarzan" Nelson, Anthony "Asher" Brissett

Keyboard Programming

Handel Tucker

Background Vocals

Time Unlimited, Light Of Love, Psalms, Marcia Griffiths, Sharon Forrestor, Tynsi, Ini Kamoze, Dean Frazier, Nambo, Chico & Mutabaruka


Dean Frazier 


Nambo Robinson


David Madden, Chico


Harry T. Powell, Mutabaruka, Lee Ford Jeremiah

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