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Mutabaruka - SNWMF 2002 Press Conference

Mutabaruka: Press Conference
Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

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Following a rousing performance at the 9th annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Mutabaruka spent 30 minutes answering questions posed of him by the press.  In addition to discussing his new album 'Life Squred', Muta reasons about the developement of his views beyond traditional orthodox rastafarian beliefs.  Muta speaks of his contribution towards the Stepahnie Black documentary 'Life and Debt', as well as the connection between the struggles of native americans and black people.  

Mutabaruka at SNWMF Press Conference

Muta also discusses the anthropomorphism of god by religions and responds to critisism with respect to his New Faculty of Interpretation article that recently appeared in the Reggae Festival Guide

Muta talks about the trials and tribulations of eating well while on the road, and the impact of biochemical engineering of food.  Muta demonstrated his professionalism and livication at a festival in which numerous artists failed to appear as promised when he commented "Any tour I am on, the first store that a promoter must carry me to is a health food store.  After tha, he can leave just leave me alone.  I will never be late for a show, I will never be late for a plane, but if you call me and tell me that you can't find a health food store, I gwan vex."  

Muta also discusses how he linked up with some of Jamaica's finest musicians - Maurice Gordon and the Skool Band.
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