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Muta on Progress and Poverty

Muta to Speak at Island Soul Festival

Muta Will Participate in the First Jamaica Poetry Festival

There Is No Rebel

Tarrus & Muta on Race and History

Up Close with Mutabaruka

Muta Chides Zimbabwe for adopting U.S. Dollar

Mutabaruka Pays Homage to Lucky Dube

Fulfilling Marcus Garvey's Prophecies

Muta Examined as an Icon, Visionary

Muta Recognized by Senegal: Song on World Cup Comp.

Mutabaruka Honoured By Youth Groups

Muta's Newest Album: Life And Lessons Release

Muta Hosts CVM Television Program: Simply Muta

Mutabaruka's 50 Most Influential Jamaican Recordings

Muta Makes Splash At Sunsplash

'Everytime I Ear Di Sound' Makes Mutabaruka Heard

Muta Lashes Out Against 'Daggering' Tunes

Mutabaruka's Appearance on Religious Hardtalk

Mutabaruka to Teach at Merritt College in California


  Mutabaruka - In Combination -- New Album!!!


Mutabaruka Named Artiste-In-Residence at US College

I Know -- New Video featuring Della & Mutabaruka added

Rasta Contributions in Education -- Cutting Edge Excerpt

Haile Selassie v. Cable & Wireless -- Cutting Edge Excerpt

Don't Know Much About the Bible - Cutting Edge Excerpt

LKJ writes on the influence of Jamiaca'a Protest Poet

Book Launching for new Mutabaruka Poetry Book

And A Poet Shall Rise Up From Among The People

I Willl Look To The Hills From Whence Commeth My Help

The Art of War - Cutting Edge Excerpt

Video of Muta's Appearance on HBO TV

Rastas Need To Stop Dreaming

Muta's 'Most Photographed Head of State' Exhibition

Muta Blasts Negative Lyrics - Jamaica Observer article

Muta on HBO in April - Jamaica Observer article

Muta Going DEF - Basil Walters Jamaica Observer article

Mutabaruka's Monterey Festival Lecture added

Mutabaruka's SNWMF Press Conference added

New Faculty of Interpretation article

Fast Food Nation stream added to Muta Seh page

The Africa Cake stream added to Muta Seh page

Life Squared now released!!!

New World Order stream added to Muta Seh page

Life Squared now released!!!

Dem Lie climbing the charts in New York

Life Squared coming June 11th

A Twist of Marley stream added to Muta Seh page

Dub Wize and Otherwise stream added

Mutabaruka Forum added - discuss Muta's reasonings

Bishop Spong lecture added

Tribute to Pele Lanier Posted

Listen to Mutabaruka's Performance in Israel

Stanford Lecture - May 18, 2001

Christianity: 2000 Years of Illusion on the African Mind

Tour Dates added

Check It! to be rereleased on CD by RAS Records

Microwave Cooking - Health hazzards of microwaves

Moorish Conquest of Europe - Ivan Van Sertima lecture

World's Worst Atrocities - King Leopold II and rubber...

Spain - 1492 - Things not taught in history class.

Tour Dates added

Mortimo Planno - Muta reasons with this rastafari elder

Street Roots - Interview of Mutabaruka

Afrikan Affairs - Reasonings with Yaasantiwa

Emergence of Ras Tafari - Reasonings with Miguel Lorne

Health Vibes - Reasonings with Alfred Whittaker about Noni Juice, Optimism, Cutting Hair, and Prostate Cancer

Listen to Muta's performance at Reggae In The Park

Mutabaruka to perform in California

Pot Grows in Bukkingham Palace

Egyptian Yoga - Reasoning with author Muata Ashby about Kemetic yoga

Live Foods - Reasonings with Iris and author Viktoras Kulvinskas

Web site for Books About Us & Blakk Muzik added

Marcus Garvey - Discussion about Jamaica's greatest hero

Interview of Ben Ammi - leader of the African Hebrew Israelites added

Tour Dates added

Photos from Muta's May 12, 2000 Spoken Word Performance added

Muta reads speech of King Leopold II to missionaries leaving for Africa

Big Youth talks about his song "Jesus is a Condition"

Muta & Tony Rebel discuss their visit to Israel

Mutabaruka Greeting added

Muta and Tony Rebel visit Israel - Review by Rasta Guil

Sound Samples for the sound track Life and Debt added:

Sound Samples for Roland Z's Sit Dung Pon di Wall remix added:

Muta's May 12, 2000 - Spoken Word Performance added

Muta to perform at New England Reggae Festival - July 23, 2000

Extended Reasonings Added:

Director Haile Gerima discusses working with Muta on the film 'Sankofa'

Sound sample of 'Time Wi Realize' added

The Afrikan Dance Session added

Muta's online Chat added

Sound Sample of 'De Dialog' added

Sound Sample of 'Psalms 25' added

Sound samples of songs from 'Outcry' added

Sound Samples of songs from 'Muta In Dub' added

Roger Steffens' 1982 Interview added

July 16, 1999 performance available in Real Audio

Muta to perform in South Africa

Sound Samples Added for Dis Poem - 99 remix:

Muta to deliver an hour-long spoken word and poetry performance in Lincoln, Nebraska on July 16, 1999

Picutres from the One World Music Festival (9/6/98)

Muta to Perform at 18 Annual International Reggae and World Music Awards

Pictures from Tibetan Freedom Concert (6/13/98)

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Visit Muta's Bookstore

Contact Mutabaruka

Muta In Dub

Sound Samples Added:

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