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Sankofa Mutabaruka stars as Shango in this powerful film about Maafa - the African Holocaust written, directed and produced by filmmaker Haile Gerima.



Muta on Religious Hardtalk - Hosted by Ian Boyne

I Know - Music video of the 2006 song Della and Mutabaruka.

Live at Reggae Sumfest 93' - Released by Shanachie Records in 1996, this video gives us 60 minutes of Mutabaruka performing live at the 1993 Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay.

Live Inna Concert - This recording of a 1984 concert held in New York City is the first Mutabaruka performance to be captured and released on a full length video.

Land of Look Behind - Released in 1982 by Rhapsody Films, this documentary of the funeral of Bob Marley also features an interesting visit with Mutabaruka at his home in the hills.

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