Hyperbolic Stretching Review: Legit or Scam?

Hyperbolic Stretching is a four-week full-body flexibility program that teaches highly effective stretches that enable you to unleash your maximum performance potential in just four weeks.

There are two versions of the program available, one for males and one for females. Furthermore, this program can be tailored according to fitness level as males and females have different stretching goals and needs.

Get ready to feel more limber than ever before! This stretching program will help improve your performance and make everyday life easier. And if that wasn’t enough, this program comes with a money back guarantee – so what are you waiting for?

Read on to learn how Hyperbolic Stretching is going to change your life!

Hyperbolic Stretching: What It Is?

You’ve heard about the benefits of yoga for your body and mind, but did you know that there are techniques to improve strength and flexibility?

One ancient technique is hyperbolic stretching.

You can do it by engaging in a slow stretch while holding one end with both hands. It’s been overlooked as an exercise tool my fitness experts all these years – until recently!

Hyperbolic stretching is an interesting way to get stronger without (or before) hitting the gym or bootcamp class hard every day …

Anyone can participate in the program, regardless of their age or physical abilities, whether they have no flexibility, joint pain, or do not have the time to exercise.

By restructuring your pelvic floor, the creator, Alex Larson, reveals a stretch and strength hack that helps muscles become flexible pipes.

There is no wrecking of hard exercises in the program.

The program consists of straightforward routines and stretches. As a result of his research, Alex was able to establish a relationship between survival reflexes and pelvic floor muscles. 

My pupil, an aspiring basketball player, is one of my trainees who uses these techniques. 

AI tried to maximise his potential using both conventional and new methods, but neither worked. 

Although he is overweight and of a young age, he is still highly active. In spite of the lack of other options, healthy living is still possible for those in need!

It appealed to me to try out the Hyperbolic stretching program when I learned about it.

His only task was to stretch his body in accordance with the instruction. 

My training began in the manner prescribed in the program. 

As a result, he was able to jump higher than before and displayed a greater degree of flexibility. 

These results were achieved only after spending 8 minutes following this training method.With a few simple practices, you will notice an increase in flexibility within a couple of weeks. 

There have been so many trainees benefited through Hyperbolic Stretching, starting from school going kids to professional athletes.

How Does Hyperbolic Stretching Help You?

Our bodies can perform wonders beyond what we imagine.

The only area where we fall short is in practice.

It doesn’t matter how hard you practice, only how you practice right wins you results.Hyperbolic stretching leads to greater athletic ability and fitness in men.

In this program, you will learn all the tricks to increasing flexibility and strengthening core muscles.

1. Reducing tension in the muscles

When we are overworked, our muscles tend to be semi-contractible. If the muscle contraction continues for a prolonged period, it may cause back pain. 

With Hyperbolic stretching, you can treat muscle tension and relax the muscles completely in just a week.

2. Improving Stretch Reflexes

Each muscle has a relative reflex to another. 

Extending a muscle past its typical length triggers the endurance reflex, which keeps it from being destroyed. It is necessary to turn off this reflex (Myotatic reflex) in order to perform the full split stretches. 

The hyperbolic stretching method introduces a few hacks that can help with the Myotatic reflex.

By overcoming the Myotatic Reflex, you’ll be able to achieve endless possibilities within your body.

3. Inhibitory Reflexes Caused by Autogenic Inhibition

Autogenic inhibition occurs when the muscles are stretched with low force and for a long period of time. 

Developing the ability to overcome these reflexes will help you stretch your body to its maximum extent and improve your mobility.

4. Strengthens The Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor strength is increased by using isolation techniques in the hyperbolic stretching program. 

This can be achieved by stopping the urine in the middle or contracting the muscles in order to control the gas release. 

Conventionally, muscles are only contracted in the butt, glutes, and stomach, so pelvic strength cannot be achieved.

During hyperbolic stretching, the thighs are maintained at a certain distance from each other, so the contraction happens exactly where it is intended.

An increase in Pelvic strength can enhance sexual performance and help us maintain control of our bladders. 

For athletes to achieve their best performance, they need to maintain their pelvic strength.

Pros and Cons Analysis of Hyperbolic Stretching Method


  • Regardless of your fitness level, this method can help you. No matter your fitness level or your level of experience, the program is powerful and equally effective.
  • Either strenuous or static poses, hyperbolic stretching enhances muscle elasticity by stretching muscles from the tendons.
  • In comparison to invasive methods of treatment such as tablets and syringes, Ancient Hyperbolic Stretching Technique works better and costs significantly less than medical visits.
  • You can follow the exercises described in the hyperbolic stretching guide easily and remember them after the first time.
  • In contrast to the conventional method, you can achieve a superior level of body control and spend less time on the exercise.
  • Researchers have found that hyperbolic stretching results in improved body control. The same is discussed on Reddit about Hyperbolic stretching.
  • With this program, you’ll discover how to engage your muscles in complex yoga poses, full kicks, and high kicks within three seconds.
  • As soon as you purchase the Hyperbolic stretching eBook, you will receive detailed instructions that are clear and precise, so you will not require an instructor.


  • There is only digital access to the Program. However, the document can be downloaded and printed on your own.
  • Even though the program states that anyone can follow these instructions, no mention is made about the joint pain patients or those who crossed over from other surgeries. If you have any concerns, consult with a doctor before attempting the method.

What Is Included In Hyperbolic Stretching?

1. 4 Weeks To Side Split Video Series (Worth $49)

With this program, you complete the entire 4 week period using special no-equipment exercises. Discover how to relieve and open your hips, strengthen your pelvis, and reach your full potential for all types of center splits. Uncover the little-known secret to making you agile, allowing you to master even the most challenging moves.

2. 4 Weeks To Front Splits Video Series (Worth $49)

Increase the strength and power of your hamstrings and hip flexors, whilst ensuring they are fully elastic and fully elastic. This science-based routine is suitable for complete beginners and advanced practitioners, and will also improve posture and relieve back pain.

3. Dynamic Flexibility For High Kicks (Worth $49)

This extremely effective training routine will help you to increase your power, strength, and suppleness for 180-degree split kicks at high duration and speed. Learn how dynamic flexibility helps increase blood circulation, maximise range of movement, and speed up your kicking speed.

4. Complete Upper Body Stretching (Worth $49)

Beginners and advanced weightlifters who need to rehabilitate from training injuries or regain flexibility can benefit from this upper body stretching routine. Learn how to safely and incrementally increase the flexibility of your shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and upper back muscles.

5. Pike Mastery (Worth $49)

Performing this complex stretching position from various angles will increase flexibility of the lower back, the glutes, and the hamstrings. Get the inside scoop on why people who can do full front splits often have trouble doing full pikes also how to get into that position even if you haven’t stretched before.

6. Easy Bridge (Worth $49)

A progressive stretching method that benefits adults of all ages and body types, this method creates a strong and flexible lower back, a flexible shoulder, and a flexible abdominal. In addition to helping reduce spinal tension, the ability to do a full bridge enhances kicking and dancing techniques.

How Much Does Hyperbolic Stretching Cost?
Where Can I Buy It?

Hyperbolic Stretching is available for purchase on its official website ( Here is the link to its official website ).

There are two versions of this program, one for men and one for women. Make sure you choose the right version.

Besides the $27 price, the Hyperbolic Stretching program also comes with three bonuses.

Paying for this program will be made easy with a secure payment method.

The program is digital, and there is no shipping charge.

It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so it’s a risk-free investment for you.

In the event that you aren’t satisfied with this program, you can return it and get your money back within this period.

So, buy it with full confidence and without any hesitation.

Final Verdict Of Hyperbolic Stretching Program

It is astounding how much the human body can do. In the vast majority of cases, people never think about taking part in sports activities because they feel their bodies are not flexible enough.

Such people can overcome their fears through programs like hyperbolic stretching.

Following the Hyperbolic Stretching method for a short time can lead to a good deal of flexibility improvement.

It enhances the quality of life by unleashing the full potential of the body.

Men and women can both benefit from the program since it shows a clear path to achieve support of lower body, muscle elasticity, strengthening of the core, strengthening of the glutes, and improving the strength of the pelvic floor.

The hyperbolic stretching program provides all the great benefits that a fitness program offers in a short period of time.

Following a thorough study of the benefits and drawbacks of hyperbolic stretching, and after observing the results personally, we are happy to recommend the program to anyone seeking flexible fitness.

It is possible to access Hyperbolic Stretching immediately.

Upon payment, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the program.

The official website of the company is currently offering an 80% discount.

Take advantage of this great deal and don’t let it pass you by.

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